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Printing Co.

CTRL C+ Policies

GENERAL - Pricing on written quotes issued by authorized CTRL + C personnel will be honored for 30 DAYS. CTRL +C does not honor verbal quotes given in person or over the phone. Any errors and omissions that occur in the quoting process must be corrected and could change the total cost of the project. Additions, deletions, or changes of any kind to a quote that has already been given could also change the total cost of the project. In order to minimize the possibility of error, CTRL + C recommends that all customers requiring a quote on their job provide CTRL + C ALL of the job specifications. 

DESIGN CHARGES - It is nearly impossible to include accurate graphic design charges at the quoting stage of a job because our design charges are based on time. The complexity of the job and the number of revisions can change during the course of an order and may affect the amount of time needed to complete the job so we typically do NOT include that in our quotes unless specifically asked to do so. In order to include estimated design charges in your quote, we must review the job in its entirety to make a fair assessment. If you have asked us to include any graphic design or typesetting in your quote, we are only able to ESTIMATE the cost of that portion of your order. We offer two levels of design: Standard graphic design and typesetting and creative concept graphic design. If you have asked us to complete your job so quickly that overtime is required to complete the design portion of the job, graphics charges will be billed at a higher rate. 

ADDITIONAL CHARGES - Quotes may not include charges for taxes, shipping or postage. These items will be added if applicable at the time the order is completed. 

PROOFING-Designs and orders sent to us for printing will not be proofread unless the client requests proofreading services. Additional fees are added for that service. If we are asked to create what is being printed, the job will be printed, copied, or put into production unless the customer has seen and approved a proof or sample of the job. Proofs may be viewed onsite or online as an emailed proof. Proofs of more complicated jobs should always be proofed at our store. Only emailed approvals or written proof approvals will be accepted. No verbal proof approvals will be accepted. CTRL + C recommends that the customer consider the cost of the job and the cost of a possible reprint of the job due to overlooked errors while carefully reading their proof. CTRL+C will NOT accept responsibility for an order that has been misprinted if the customer has approved the proof. It is critical that the customer carefully check the proof for accuracy in layout, color, composition, spelling, etc. CTRL+ C further recommends that the customer take this opportunity to once again go over the job specifications with CTRL+ C representatives to ensure that no detail has been overlooked. Please do not assume that we understand every aspect of the job especially if the project has been prolonged over several days or weeks. 


CTRL + C prides itself in the ability to produce work quickly, efficiently and accurately. Most of our customers have come to realize just how quick we are able to produce their jobs and usually find themselves working within a tight deadline by the time the order is placed with CTRL+C. Since a large amount of our work consists of “rush” jobs, we operate on a first come first serve basis when we schedule work for each day. We make every effort possible to accommodate each of our customer’s needs. Please note that we are only able to estimate a job turnaround at the time a quote is given because we have no idea what we will be working on when you actually place the order. We will be able to provide a more accurate estimated due date at the time the order is placed. We will promise a completion date after a final proof has been approved by the customer and invoice is paid.

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